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Driver page
After opening the itinerary link for driver
Start the itinerary
Summary page is display when opening the driver link.
With 'Start Delivery' if route was not started
'Continue Delivery' if route is in-progress
Activate geolocation
Press 'Activate GPS' button to enable geolocation. Not that the button is disbaled if itinerary is not started.
To stop geolocation, press 'Stop GPS'
Complete delivery
Press 'Mark as delivered' to complete the delivery, pin changes to grey color and screen move to the following delivery.
When the last delivery is completed, the itinerary change to 'Finished' status.
Photo as Proof of delivery
'Take photo' button to add a proof of delivery. The photo will appears on customer view.
It is recommended to use Google Chrome which has the camera capability
Cancel a delivery
More Options -> Cancel delivery. Delivery pin will appear in red on the map. 
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